05 febrero 2007

Bush's Private Thoughts

I'm sick and tired of these liberal fuckers trying to put the constitution and peace before my will. Why the fuck did they vote for me??? TWICE! I just can't believe after all I've done to get american hands on the Nº1 oil reserve, my own people still stand up against their own president. I'm more powerful than any previous emperor in history. I've helped my country in strengthening our armed forces so that no country would even dream of attacking us. We are the most prosperous, most powerful country in the world. Anyone who opposes us has signed a death sentence, outside and inside America. Even if someone is still against me , they know I will send my Feds to knock on their doors and make their lives misserable. So, why do they keep nagging me about this and that? It's as if they WANT me to restart drinking. No Patriot Act is enough, no Military Budget boost is enough... Thay just don't know when to give up to their Commander in Chief's desires. Spoiled little brats! I hate them, I really hate americans. Not even Republicans stand by me! Even they voted for democrats in Congress! I just can't imagine what else to do to make them realize it's GOOD for our country to be rulers of the Universe. Thanks to me, we have the power to do anything we want without giving any explanations, and they want me to withdraw the troops of Irak! I just don't get it. What the hell did they vote me for? Thay should shut the fuck up and watch on CNN how we kill arabs. That's it. I'm banning banners against my government. Anyone opposing me will be shot ipso facto. That will be the end of it. Any Media reproducing the killings will be nuked. I've had it with freedom. Freedom, my ass! From now on, no more bullshitting America. The slogan for my re-reelection will be "Freedom, my ass!". No more "secret vote": every district will join on election day and vote for President by raising their hands. Anyone raising their hand to vote anyone not-Bush will be shot ipso facto too. They want me to stop being a hypocrit? To stop calling the Iraki invasion "Operation Iraki Freedom"?? Well then, I'm done lying to the people. If that's what they want, that's what they'll get. And I'm drinking again starting now. What the fuck is being the most powerful man on Earth good for if I can't have a skotch to celebrate? Cheers, Uncle Sam, you're mine from now on, and I'm not being hypocritical... see?